Facebook Page

You have reached this page because:

  • The ministry you are trying to find does not have a website – they are using Facebook as their primary web contact.
  • Facebook arbitrarily deletes web pages, Facebook pages are often left un-updated. Facebook websites come up as broken links when we use our link checking software.
  • Facebook PageTo get to the Facebook Website,  just click on the blue Facebook Icon (on the Baptist-ministries.org website) and you will be brought to their last known Facebook Page.
  • If you would like to correct information on the ministry that brought you here you can submit an error report on the Baptist Ministries Database (preferred) or you can use the error report contact form on this website.
  • If this is your ministry, we provide FREE web hosting for Independent Baptist Ministries! Our hosting provides security for your WordPress Website. Click on the Free Web Hosting Tab for more information.

There is no website!